The Heat Exchanger Calculator is a program specially designed to predict the performance of the heat exchanger Model Number you choose based on the parameters you input. The Model Numbers shown in the calculator are only a partial listing of our standard products.

Please contact us:

- if you need assistance selecting a Model Number.
- to evaluate a Model Number not shown in the calculator.
- if you need a custom designed heat exchanger.


1. Choose a Model Number. For more information, please visit the Products page.
2. Select a Tube Side (product) fluid and Shell Side (working) fluid.
3. Enter the fluid Flow Rate, Temperature and Pressure at the heat exchanger inlets.
4. Click submit to view the results.


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Model Number   

Tube Side (product)
Shell Side (working)
Flow Rate
Flow Rate
Inlet Temperature
Inlet Temperature
Inlet Pressure
Inlet Pressure